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Friday, January 31, 2014

The Song That Korean People Always Sing on Seollal

It's a nice time for me, to writing again on my blog. As we know, today is a Lunar New Year, for this year, Lunar New Year is celebrated at 31st of January 2014.
Korean basically follows Lunar calendar eventhough they are also following Solar calendar. Especially some traditional day, Korean people still follow a lunar calendar. If we are talking about Lunar New Year, in Korea usually called as Seollal, and one of the most important day in Korea. People who still have parents or relatives are to going to see their parents and elders, and also held family gathering.
I think my explanation about Seollal that stated above is enough. I'm not gonna talk about the Seollal itself. But I'm interesting about the Seollal song. 까치까치 설날은 (romanized as kka-chi-kka-chi seol-nal-eun).
Have you heard about this song ? Ok let's check it below.

So how about the song ? it's interesting, isn't it ?
So let's check the song lyrics below :

까치까치 설날-은 어저께-고-요
kka-chi-kka-chi seol-nal-eun eo-jeo-kke-go-yo

우리우리 설날-은 오늘이래요
u-li-u-li seol-nal-eun o-neul-i-lae-yo-

곱고 고운 댕기-도 내가 드-리-고
gob-go go-un daeng-gi-do nae-ga deu-li-go

새로 사온 신발-도 내가 신-어-요
sae-lo sa-on sin-bal-do nae-ga sin-eo-yo

It's some parts of the song. So do you know about kkachi ?
Kkachi is a Korean national bird and designated in year 1964, it is a magpie. Kkachi usually appears in Korea legends from the ancient times. Kkachi is believed, can bring some good news, forecast the weather and healing illness. The relation with the song that we have discussed above, that will be fortunate if someone hear kkachi's song on a new year's day morning. Kkachi is a lucky bird, isn't it ? also I'm so lucky that I have seen this bird flying around Gyeongbok Palace ^^

Photo Credit : 

Happy Seollal, Everyone! ^^

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Indonesia's Song Usually Sing by Korean Performers

In my observation during a year while watching Korean cultural performance in Indonesia especially Jakarta, there is one of Indonesian song that usually sing by Korean performers is titled "Bengawan Solo".
Bengawan Solo categorized as Keroncong genre, one of part of Indonesian folk song. One of Korean performer that sang Bengawan Solo on their performance in Jakarta is Ensemble Sinawi in Korea Festival in ASEAN.

Here is a Bengawan Solo song.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Win a Trip with Your Family to Korea (KTO's Event)

Have you ever dreamt going to Korea and exploring things you've loved about Korea with your family ?
Here is a change to win a trip to Korea package for you and family.

This event is organized by Korea Tourism Organization with the latest submission on Dec 8, 2013.

Click here to participate : 

Good Luck! ^^

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Korean Food Never Ending Stories

Everybody know about Hansik. It always appears in Korean Drama (Thank's to Korean Drama which has spreading Korean food to all over the world). Nowadays, who don't know about bibimbap ? kimbab ? bulgogi, even the most popular Korean food, Kimchi.

It will never end if we are talking about Korean food because the topics are very wide, but sometimes I'm also thinking Koreans mostly has a slim body shape. Do you know abut the secret ? The secret is because of Korean food has heatlhy ingredients made from the natural resources, based on my experiences and observations, the way of eating is also affected why Koreans mostly have a slim body shape.

While we are eating Korean food, they are three major part of Korean food.

The first part is Banchan. Banchan refers to various side dishes that always served in the first time. They are :
Kimchi : a fermented vegatables seasoned  with red pepper powder, salted fish, spring onions, garlic, ginger and salt.
Kimchi also has various type, they are : nabak kimchi, dongchimi, geotjoen, kkakdugi (this is my most favorite kimchi), Oi sobagi, Chonggak kimchi, yeolmu kimchi, pa kimchi and gat kimchi.

I just want to explain the details of my favorite kimchi, because I'm very sure there are a lot of articles about Kimchi in another blogs and books.

깍두기 Kkakdugi
Kkakdugi is made of oriental turnip cut into cubes and mixed with all sorts of condiments such as salt, red pepper powder, spring onions, garlic, ginger, oysters, and salted shrimp then put in an earthen ware jar to be fermented. It is one of my favorite kimchi.

나물 Namul : is vegetables which is seasoned by sesame oil, salt, vinegar, minched garlic, chopped greem onions, dried chili peppers and soy souce then could be stir-fried, steamed or marinated or sometimes it is served raw.
Various kinds of namul including kongnamul, sigeumchi namul, miyeok muchim, musaengchae, gosari namul,
chwinamul, bireum namul, naengi namul, dolnamul, gogumasun namul, gaji namul, doraji namul.

I often find 콩나물 kongnamul while eating in Korean restaurant. Kongnamul have appreared since Goryeo era and uniquely it is a seasonal food which is mostly eat at winter until early spring.

Various types of Namul (left up, left bottom, middle bottom side) Photo by Maria Margareta

Jorim is a one of Korean slow cooking. It can be vegetables, meats, seafood or tofu in a mixed sauce (soy sauce) by simmering for a long time. Yeongeun jorim (made from lotus root), jangjorim, godeungeo jorim, dubu jorim are some various kind of jorim that is a part of banchan.

My favorite is gamja jorim and yeongeun jorim. The taste is very sweet and delicious.

Gamja jorim. Gamja means potato. Photo by Maria Margareta

Yeongeun jorim. a Jorim mae from lotus root. Photo by Maria Margareta

Is a kind of fermeted seafood, such as fish, anchovies, cuttlefish, pollack, octopus and shellfish. The first record of jeotgal dated in the Silla dynasty and it is very valueable food at that time.

찜 Jjim is a kind of steaming or boiling dishes, usually cooked in a siru or earthenware steamer.
Some kinds of jjim are galbijjim, saengseon jjim, jeonbokjjim, dubujjim, and my most favorite is gyeranjjim.

Gyeranjjim. Made from egg. Photo by Maria Margareta
The main ingredients of 계란찜 gyeranjjim are eggs, green onions, red pepper, salt, pepper etc. Sometimes meat or fish or chicken are put for adding taste.

Korea also has various kind of pancake. 전 Jeon is made with batter, vegetables, mushrooms, meat then fried. Jeon is also easy to make and one of favorite food for Korean people.

Jeon. Photo by Maria Margareta

The second part of Korean cuisine is 밥 or steamed rice.

The third major part is soup. It could be guk, tang, or jjigae.

찌개 Jjiage is a dish in which is put gochujang, doenjang together with meat, sea food, and vegetables and boiled in a hot pot into a thick stew. Some jjigaes are kimchi jjigae, sundubu jjigae, myeongnanjeot jjigae, gochujang jjigae, and doenjang jjigae.

My favorite jjigae of course 순두부찌개 sundubu jjigae. Sundubu jjigae for my self can boost my energy back, I feel fresh after eating sundubu jjigae. If you feel tired or your body does not fit as ussual, you can try sundubu jjiage to recover your stamina.

Sundubu JJigae. Photo by Maria Margareta

So they are some of Korean dishes I always choose either for dinner of lunch, far away from Korea.


Incheon Bridge One of Most Great Photographic Scene in Korea

One of most great photographic scene in Korea and Top Ten Architectural Wonders of the World are placed on this location.
This is a spanning cable-stayed bridge with 21.30 km length which is reducing travel time from Songdo to Incheon International Airport. After had been built in 4 years, this bridge opened at October 2009 also listed as the 7th world's longest cable-stayed bridge.


This link will guide you of how to get to the Incheon Bridge :

Photo spots for Incheon Bridge :
 This place is very recommended for photographers to take photo shot around this location. Not only the bridge, Incheon bridge memorial hall is also a recommended place for photo hunting.
If you come to Korea especially Incheon, please stop by to this place.


More info about Incheon bridge memorial hall :

Photos credit : 인천대교 - Incheon Bridge Facebook

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Info : 2013 Korea International Art Fair

An international art fair will be held on this October in COEX Seoul.
Those who are interested in art, this exhibition is highly recommended to come because not only Korean artists participants, this exhibition also has overseas participants such as from another Asia countries, USA, and South America with displaying around 3000 artworks including painting, sculpture, print, photography, media. This five days exhibition will start from October 3rd until October 7, 2013.

More info :

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Melody Project "Music Drama"

I just found these videos coincidentaly. The Melody project drama is a series of Music videos about the story of a relationship between a music teacher played by Tei and his student played by f(x)’s Krystal.
I like all of the songs. That's why I want to share them on my blog.

Melody Project is devided into 6 parts they are :
1. Meeting (Andante) – Alex Chu
2. Tingle (Moderato) – Krystal (f(x))
3. Love (Allegro)
4. Misunderstanding (Vivace)
5. Farewell (Fermata)
6. Memories (Adagio)

Melody Project 1

Melody Project 2

Melody Project 3

Melody Project 4

Video's Credit :

Sunday, August 25, 2013

"Korea" in Korea

an unique natural scene in Gangwondo Eastern part of Korean peninsula named 영월 청령포 Cheongnyeongpo.

Photo Credit :

It is surrounded by a water in a three side and a high rock cliff at the back side. It is a placed of
King Danjong the grandson of King Sejong the Great was exiled and murdered by his uncle.

This place has some remains to see Danjong’s traces including Geumpyobi Stone (monument to prohibit the access of common people to the holy spot where King Danjong was exiled), Danmyoyujibi (monument to indicate the location and existence of King Danjong's place of residence, Danjongeoso), Manghyangtob (a stone tower piled by King Danjong missing his Queen Jeongsunwanghu in Hanyang), Nosandae (the peak King Danjong fell in deep agony looking toward Hanyang, the capital city of the Joseon Kingdom) and Gwaneumsong (pine tree).

Pict Credit :

This place only can be reached by a boat but has a great natural view, even we can see a Korean peninsula's
shape on this place.

Inquiries: 1577-0545 (Yeongwol Information Call Center), +82-33-374-4215 (Yeongwol Tourist Information Center)

Take the bus to Yeongwol from Central City Bus Terminal . The bus operates 4 times from 07:00 to 19:00 daily .

At Yeongwol Terminal take the bus headed for Cheongnyeongpo (청령포). It takes about 10 minutes or 5 minutes by taxi.

Video credits :
FPV - Korean Beautiful Places #5(영월2/2) by AlexGMsong
청령포에 흐르는 눈물. 장릉 by Royalpalace Kim